Sep 16, 2012

Sep 16, 2012
打開-當代 >>> 前進曼谷。OCAC Bangkok | ThaiTai Fever。

是的。我們在曼谷市區中國城附近,租下了一幢三層樓的建築作為我們接下來為期半年的新基地。這個打開-當代藝術工作站-曼谷空間(以下簡稱OCAC-BK)是一間中國城附近舊區的老公寓。十五年前,這間公寓首次被整修而重新利用,是透過 Klaomard Yipintsoi and Nonpadon Kaosam-ang 命名為 About Photography ,接著由另一個組織 AARA (About Art Related and Activities) 經營藝術空間。再加上鄰近的另一個藝術空間 About Caffe,曾是由泰國最早帶入當代藝術創作於展演實驗的藝術空間。在這樣的空間地質與脈絡之中,OCAC-BK 無疑的也像是承接了泰國當代藝術演繹進程的幽靈,鏈結與喚起亞洲當代藝術的交流脈動。

這個為期半年的空間進駐計畫,是伴隨著即將在年底於BACC(曼谷當代藝術中心)的打開-當代策展系列:台灣泰國交流展而進行。因為我們對於創作的好奇和熱情,必須轉化為實際的行動,觸碰,甚至嗅覺而延展。進駐,著迷與想像,這段台灣-泰國相似與未知的探索將成為描繪未來的現象與症候。那也是為什麼我們將這個打開-當代 曼谷空間的行動,命名為:台泰熱 ThaiTai Fever 的原因。在每一個我們之間傳染。

進駐的期間,OCAC-BK空間將陸續的舉辦三檔展覽,以及至少十二次的via P.P.T. ( Presence Pressure Temptation ) 藝術家對談與表演活動。這表示,我們將在接下來的半年期間,於曼谷歡迎你(妳)於任何時候,任何假期或行經東南亞的路途上歡迎各位,加入我們的空間航行。

After the termination of our former space in Taipei, Open-Contemporary has continued to contemplate, extend and experiment the infinite possibilities space can provide. Aside from running our side-project, 435 Open Class – Contemporary Art Education in Banciao, we have also temporarily migrated to our thrilling new space located in Bangkok.

That’s right. We are currently stationed near the heart of downtown Bangkok, where we will base our artistic practices in a rented three-floor historical site for the next six months to come. OCAC Bangkok was transformed from an old building situated in the city’s Old Chinatown. It was renovated and reused for the first time 15 years ago by Klaomard Yipintsoi and Nonpadon Kaosam-ang with the given title—About Photography—which thereafter became an art space run by the organization, AARA (About Art Related and Activities). About Photography and its neighboring twin art space, About Café, were the Thai forerunners in integrating contemporary art practice and experimental showcases to independent spaces. Established within this geology and historical context, OCAC Bangkok has undoubtedly been factored into the trajectory of contemporary art in Thailand, linking together and evoking fluctuation for more contemporary art exchange in Asia.

In addition, our six-month residency project runs parallel to the upcoming OCAC Curatorial Series—Thai-Tai Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition—which will take place at the BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Center). Because of our need to channel our enthusiasm and curiosity into artistic practice, a sense of the tactile or smell must be instigated. Stationing, fascination and imagination, this Thailand-Taiwan exploration of the unknown will become a phenomenon/symptom which maps out our futures, which is exactly why our spatial migratory project at OCAC Bangkok is entitled “ThaiTai Fever.” It is an act to infect all those around us.

Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us in our migration and navigation towards groundbreaking spatial realms—contagious not only in Bangkok but also throughout the rest of Asia.

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