Oct 27, 2011

Oct 27, 2011
范曉嵐個展 內心戲/溫柔地革命 Inner Drama/Tender Revolution

展期:2011/11/04 Fri. – 2011/12/18 Sun.

開幕小米酒:2011/11/04 Fri. 19:00 - 22:00
地點:OCAC 中華路一段9113
開放時間: 每週四- 14:00 - 20:00

我們在生存的環境中備感威脅,因為遊戲的規則總是對我們不利,我們努力想要改變卻不知從何做起,總是找不到敵人或是根本不清楚它的樣子,然而更真實的情況是,其實敵人早就變裝成為內在一部分的自己。因此在這次展出的錄像作品中,呈現了對同樣生活在世界的夥伴真誠的告白,以海岸、自然以及女性的化身為背景,結合語言探索日常生活框架、記憶與神話等時間性交織的可能。然而也因為這次的展覽時間正逢全球性的抗議活動(Occupy Wall Street),抗議社會和經濟的不平等、企業的貪婪與政府的無能,並呼籲大眾重新思考資本與民主制度。除了日趨嚴重的貧富不均,政府圖利財團的戲碼不禁讓我連結到了台灣東海岸的土地開發問題,也更加讓我思考身為一個創作者,如何運用藝術更真實地回應所生存的環境。



We feel threatened in our living environment, because the rules of the game are all against us. We strive to change but don’t know how. The reality is that the enemies are partly within us. The video work in the exhibition presents sincere confession to fellows around the world, and explores the frame of daily life by means of language and the possibility of interweaving language, memory and legends in the background of coast, nature and avatars of women. Moreover, the exhibition takes place in the time of worldwide demonstration “Occupy Wall Street” taking place. The movement is against the social and economic discrimination, corporate greed, and the incapability of governments. It calls to the public to rethink capitalism and democracy. In addition to the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the transgression of the government and corporations, whose aim is to gain profits, make me connect the issue with land investment in the east coast of Taiwan. As an artist, all these push me to ponder on how to respond to the living environment more truthfully.

A few summers ago, I went to the coast of Shitiping. While I was stunned by the beautifully immersive sea view, I came across the dispute of land development and ownership for the first time. Some of my aboriginal friends in the Makota'ay tribe initiated a movement “Give My Land Back.” Later, I took the wedding photos of one of the initiator, Sumi, and the coast, in memory of her grandma, her youth and the soon-to-be-lost land. The controversy of the land right in Hualien and Taitung has been an old issue. In the summer of 2011, the aboriginals and environmentalists launched a protest against the development project of Miramar Resort in Xuanyuan, TaiTung.

We should all know clearly that this issue is not merely about living environment of the aboriginals in the east coast, but to everyone in Taiwan. The result of the collaboration between the government and corporation will only speed up the large-scale privatization of the public land. Natural resources will be owned by few enterprises and the impact will be permanent. Beautiful views will cease to exist. Rights of freely breathing in this land are deprived of. Our democracy and justice are being threatened. However, aside from going out on the streets, we should also face ourselves more honestly, without compromising under pressure. Justice will occur only when our minds change. Only when we stand fast every decision made at decisive moment, freedom will truly belong to us.

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