May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010
邱承宏個展 / Around Us:Chiu Chen-Hung solo exhibition


Three letters contact with her children she hasn’t seen for a long time. These words wipe the sense of blur caused by time and distance. At the same time, it leads us to enter and look into a private garden. In this garden, the sky sprinkles with golden afterglow which goads us to stand on moist soil with naked feet, and gaze afar at those cheeks soaked by the beads of sweat.
This story is about a mother, an Indonesian, who left her homeland. From her, we found the purest original spirit which is efflorescing around us.


展出時間 / Date : 2010/05/29 ~ 2010/07/02

開幕茶會 / Opening : 2010/05/29 - 19:00
手工金箔餅乾 / Gold foil Cookie handmade by artist
特調極凍英式紅茶 / Ice tea specially made

展出地點 / Place :

- 台北市中華路一段91巷13號
Open-Contemporary Art Center
- No.13, Ln.91, Sec.1, Zhongzheng Dist, Taipei