Apr 17, 2012

Apr 17, 2012
19991121 > 20130421 | PART ONE

計畫執行 > 20120313 Sat 1900 PM
展覽開幕 > 20120414 Sat 1500 PM
開放時間 > 20120414 - 20120513 Thurs - Sun 1400 > 2000
展覽地點 > 打開-當代藝術工作站

面對著越趨緊迫與不確定未來的這一刻,我們暫放下手邊的行政、搬遷等各種庶務,轉而著手進行我們最擅長的:創作好的作品;因為,這才是打開-當代藝術工作站真實的基因信息與成立初衷。在持續前進的過程中,逐步強化和調整打開-當代的使命,是展覽 19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE 的目的之一,同時也是慶祝打開-當代此一段落的告結,劃下一個短暫的休止符 。

此外,19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE 亦是接連我們目前所在與未來基地的重要橋梁, PART TWO 則將於打開-當代未知的下一站接續綻放,敬請期待。

三月站長 | 葉偉立

參展藝術家 > 莊哲瑋、郭姿怡、陳嘉壬、劉千瑋、施佩君、周育正、真誠羽、陳谷明、陳萬仁、李蝶衣、陳小雜、吳建興、陳淇榜、張恩滿、朱仕賢、許家維、方彥翔、李若玫、邱承宏、劉季易、黃榮智、陳思含、范曉嵐、邱俊傑、羅仕東、徐建宇、朱賢旭、劉和讓、蔡影澂、葉偉立、Jiandyin、羅景中

Project Launch > 20120331 Sat 1900 PM
Opening Reception > 20120414 Sat 1500 PM
Exhibition Hours > 20120414 - 20120513 Thurs - Sun 1400 > 2000
Venue > Open-Contemporary Art Center

As we face an ever urgent and uncertain future, we temporarily suspend the current administrative, bureaucratic, and relocation tasks at hand to do what we do best: that of making the best artwork that we can; for this is the true binding force and DNA makeup of Open-Contemporary Art Center [ OCAC ]. Utilized as an act to reinforce and realign our mission as we move forward, this exhibition entitled 19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE is also an occasion to celebrate this departure, this one marker, amongst many to come.

For the last project at our JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture space, we have selected thirty-two current and past members from OCAC’s eleven year history to collaborate in a set of conditional spatial and temporal parameters that revolves around individual and collective working strategies as a way to reassess, reconstruct, and remember what has taken place and give illuminations to what may have been left out of this wondrous journey.

19991221 > 20130421 | PART ONE serves also as a bridge from our current place to an upcoming yet undecided location, for PART TWO will take place in the programming at our next station.

Wei-Li Yeh | Director of March

Participating Artists > Che-Wei Chuang, Morris Kuo, Chia-Jen Chen, Chien-Wei Liu, Pei-Chun Shih, Yu-Cheng Chou, A.R.S., Ku-Ming Chen, Wan-Jen Chen, Daisy Li, Hsiao-tsa Chen, Chien-Hsing Wu, Chi-Pan Chen, En-Maan Chang, Shih-Hsian Chu, Chia-Wei Hsu, Yen-Hsiang Fang, Jo-Mei Lee, Chen-Hung Chiu, Jhi-Yi Liu, Jung-Zhi Huang, S’Han Chen, Hsiao-Lan Fan, Jun-Jie Chiu, Shih-Tung Lo, Jian-Yu Xu, Hsien-Shu Chu, Hojang Liu, Ying-Cheng Tsai, Wei-Li Yeh, Jiandyin, Jing-Zhong Luo

空間贊助: 忠泰見建築文化術藝術基金會
Special Thanks to the Sponsorship from
JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture